Goths in the USA

While it is true that Goth subculture originated in the UK, it has grown to..

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Goths in the USA

While it is true that Goth subculture originated in the UK, it has grown to be a universal trend. The subculture began in the late ’70s, and it has continued to evolve. Bauhaus is instrumental to the inception of the culture, with its song Bela Lugosi’s Dead in 1978. Goth subculture was derived from the punk subculture, explaining the similarities that exist between both. There are several traits unique to Goth cultures such as fashion, music and aesthetics. Some of the music genres associated with the culture include darkwave, deathrock and coldwave.

In the USA, the punk subculture was deeply rooted, so it was easier for people to accept Goth subculture during the post-punk era. Deathrock is a subgenre of Gothic music that emerged from the USA, and it became popular in Los Angeles and New York at the time. Some of the notable bands then were the Flesh Eaters, Screams for Tina, 45 Grave and Pompeii 99. Towards the mid-80s, several other Gothic music bands were formed in New Jersey, Massachusetts, Michigan and Ohio, allowing the subculture to spread throughout America.


Another variation of Goth subculture that emerged in America is the Cybergoth. Cybergoth combines classic Goth fashion with rave music and industrial metal clothing to produce a science-fiction look. It is common to see Cybergoths with shaved heads, body piercing, metal studs and googles. Although there have been arguments that American Goths differ from other Goths, their style is very much the same. Goth is usually identified through their prominence for darkness in their themed tone, such as dark hair dyes, emotions, and makeups.


Although much is not heard about the subculture in recent years, there are still Goths around the USA to date. Many attempts have been made to revive Gothic music back to the music scene. One such attempt is the deathrock revival that began in California in 1998. New Gothic artists and bands continue to enter the music industry. Some of the Gothic bands that are currently being listened to in America are The Handsome Family, 16 Horsepower, Those Poor Bastards and The .357 String Band.